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Exeptional applicants is adviced to apply no matter Class status!
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Rogue Rogue Limited
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Vendettâ of Burning Blade

Welcome to Vendettâ!
International Guild on Burning Blade EU!

Currently recruiting, but we stopped 25man progress and only doing 10 HM progress atm until Cataclysm. We accept only players who will be an asset to our Guilds progression, this means you have to be well geared - have good raid awareness - talents must be optimal for your role/class and the gem-work must be perfect.

Currently all Classes are open, but only for ICC geared players!

Current progression: 12/12 ICC25, 12/12 ICC10 - 11/12 ICC10 HM and 5/12 ICC25 HM

We want above all LOYAL members!

If you think you have what it takes, head to our forum and make an application so we can review it - or you can hit the "Apply" button under recruitment and use our auto-form wich will be automaticly posted in recruitment forum.

If you whould like more info about the Guild, pls head to the forum or talk to Montenegra in-game.

Website best viewed in 1280x720 and higher resolutions.

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Cataclysm Release annoncement!
10/05/2010 17:41 by Kilti

Since it is the news of the YEAR, it sure deserves to be on our frontpage:)

1 comment [show]

Vendetta vs Halion 25 man! Grats to those that took part in the Kill !!
07/19/2010 22:20 by Limocha

2 comments [show]

The Ruby Sanctum released! PLS no main`s save yourself to pugs, we will do it later tonight!
06/30/2010 08:00 by Kilti


ICC 25 normal finally Cleared! And with just 2 evening`s of practice on LK! Good job to the involved!
06/07/2010 00:22 by Kilti

1 comment [show]

The Frostwing Halls 25 Cleared. Just Lich King left then Hard modes inc =)
05/17/2010 23:01 by Kilti



  • Fatouvalos Did you guyz changed forum????
    02/20/2011 00:37
  • Emst hi monte an orther emst cant not come for tonight raid me computer it down realy sorry but goodluck
    10/26/2010 14:48
  • Emst some thing wrong whit server cant not come in?
    09/26/2010 18:44
  • Valkiries I told u not to bother :D that its whole day maintrance
    09/01/2010 11:49
  • Kilti And booo maintenance.. : /
    09/01/2010 01:39
  • Kilti Wee got net tonight :)) 12Mbit, yummy :D
    09/01/2010 00:35
  • Valkiries Ah no wories Kilti :D Server is down for maintrance 24h tomorow. So noone will play i gues till 23:30 i think whole wednesday
    08/31/2010 09:32
  • Kilti Net stil down :(
    08/30/2010 19:08
  • osteophyte IM not sure what my sign is for tonight but im out
    08/30/2010 11:38
  • Valkiries oke
    08/29/2010 18:52
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11/20/2018 01:29

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ServerBurning Blade
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The Crimson Hall's completed!

05/06/2010 00:11

The Plagueworks 25 Down! Good job guys!

04/28/2010 22:30

The Lich King 10 Down!!

04/20/2010 22:10

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